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An Informed Peace of Mind



Roger R. Bell & Company, Inc. is an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm based in Pulaski County, Virginia. At Roger R. Bell & Company, we are dedicated to providing professional guidance through a wide range of financial matters that pertain to our client’s overall well-being. Most importantly, our goal and obligation is to place the client’s interest above that of the advisor or any other party. As a result, each of our clients are provided independent and objective planning with customized solutions.

We are devoted to helping our clients achieve the life they deserve. Here at Roger R. Bell & Company, we offer each of our clients professional services on an hourly-, project-, retainer-, or flat fee basis. Fees are pre-agreed upon prior to any planning or investment activity.

Connect with Us


604 Cardinal Drive Pulaski, VA 24301




(540) 980-7118