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A Professional Advocate for You


At Roger R. Bell & Company, we use proven solutions to resolve your financial challenges. Our goal is to create an appropriate holistic strategy that addresses all elements of your financial health. Too often, we have seen our clients restrict their focus to a specific investment need, only to later realize that they failed to consider the ramifications of their overall financial well- being. By thorough analysis of your entire financial situation, we can identify and mitigate any negative challenges. As professional advocates, we work diligently to ensure your financial and investment needs are addressed.

At our firm, we have an in-depth process to ensure that the financial situations are tailored to your specific needs and objectives:

Free Initial Consultation

The purpose of this free 30- 45 minute initial consultation is to learn your personal goals, concerns, and objectives, then determine whether we can help you achieve them. In addition to reviewing with you our planning and investment advisory process and fee structure, we will answer any questions you may have. At the conclusion of this meeting, if we agree there is a mutual fit, we will arrange your first planning conference where we will develop a keen understanding of your specific concerns and goals.

First Planning Conference

During this 90 minute planning conference, we will specifically review your stated financial concerns, determine with you a specific course and duration of actions required to address these concerns, and provide a written planning agreement and fee that is specifically designed for your given situation. The billing and payment of your advisory fee will be based upon the scope and type of advisory services you need.

Successive Client Conferences

Depending upon the depth and score of your defined concerns as stated in your planning agreement, we will schedule additional planning conferences as needed to ensure that we have addressed fully, the entirety of your concerns. Where appropriate, you will be provided with specific courses of action required to address and/ or resolve your stated concerns.


Depending upon the financial services you require, we will assist and guide you through this implementation process to ensure that the recommended solutions are in place. Throughout the planning process, your money remains under your complete control at all times.

Account Monitoring

To ensure that you progress successfully towards achievement of your financial goals and the life that you desire, you may retain our advisory services on an ongoing basis. We would generally meet with you as needed or every 3 to 4 months to address the various changes that occur in one’s life and which could impact your overall financial well being.

We communicate with our clients on a periodic basis via phone call, face- to- face meetings, video conference, and e-mail. We will be available to answer your questions and to address on a timely basis, any concerns you may have regarding your financial planning and investment needs.

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