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We are committed to ensuring our clients’ overall financial well- being


Broad Based Planning

Here at Roger R. Bell & Company, we are dedicated to giving our clients objective guidance on the entirety of their concerns. Our financial planning and investment advisory services may address one or more of the following:

Investment Analysis

An analysis will be conducted of your existing investments, expenses, turnover costs, asset allocations, portfolio rebalancing, performance and tax efficiency, in conjunction with substantial consideration being given to your capacity for, and to take risk (risk tolerance). The ultimate objective of this analysis is to structure your portfolio to produce the most advantageous results based upon your specific situation.

Retirement Funding

The goal of our retirement funding analysis is to assist you in determining the most advantageous strategy in order to fund your retirement. We will thoroughly examine your existing assets including your employer- based retirement benefits such as your accounts through TIAA-Cref, or your 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans, and social security income, in addition to your personal savings and real estate investments.

Education Funding

If you are considering savings plans for your child’s education, our analysis will provide you information on the present tuition costs for your chosen colleges and universities. We will also consider how inflation, your current and future savings, and usage of appropriate investments will assist in education funding. Accordingly, we will then determine your best course of action, while also offering you professional guidance on cost- saving strategies.

Estate and Trust Planning

We carefully review your specific desires and then develop cost- effective estate documents in collaboration with trusted and experienced legal counsel. These documents may include your last will and testament, trust, financial power of attorney, medical/ healthcare power of attorney, etc. We also review with tax counsel the specifics of potential estate tax issues, charitable giving, and incorporate these into an appropriate estate plan designed specifically for you.

Risk Management

We conduct a thorough review of potential life events that could cause a high risk of financial loss, thereby impacting your overall financial well- being. We will make recommendations to mitigate these potential losses and will provide, where appropriate, quotes for insurance coverage.

Elder Care / Special Needs Planning

Addressing a loved one’s needs for care requires an extensive and compassionate understanding of their overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well- being. We provide professional guidance based on a wide range of issues such as: financial funding for short or long term in- home custodial care, coordination of federal and private insurance benefits, etc.

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